Program (Subject POSt) Enrolment – Type 3 programs

Instructional videos: All campuses

Note: Type 3 programs cannot be enrolled in, or requested from, ACORN. We will notify the student of this and help them find the appropriate application page for these programs.

  1. From the ACORN dashboard, click ‘Enrol & Manage’ on the left hand menu.
  2. On the Enrol & Manage landing screen click the ‘Programs’ button.
  3. To enrol in a program, use the search field to search for programs by program code or title. Results will start appearing after three characters.
  4. Click on the program you would like to enrol in.
  5. On the program enrolment pop-up modal, you will be notified that the program you selected requires a separate application and cannot be completed through ACORN. Review the information presented and click ‘Request to Enrol’ which will take you to the appropriate website to help you apply for the selected program.