Enrol in an Unlimited Program (Type 1)

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To explore your options for enrolling in minor, major or specialist programs, check out the Programs Directory and your division’s academic calendar.

Read more about program selection for your division:

Unlimited programs (sometimes called Type 1) do not require an application, and can be enrolled in directly from ACORN.

  1. From the ACORN dashboard, select “Enrol & Manage” from the main navigation.In the main navigation, Enrol & Manage is highlighted.
  1. On the Enrol & Manage page, there will be one or more tabs labelled with the academic session. Ensure that you have selected the tab for the session in which you want to enrol in a program. Then, select the Programs button, or the Programs page from the main navigation.The Enrol & Manage page shows one sessional tab, and the Programs button and main navigation item are highlighted.
  2. Use the search field to search for programs by program code or title. Results will start appearing after three characters. From the list of programs that appears, select a program.
    ACORN's Program Search bar displays a list of results
  3. On the program enrolment modal, review the information presented and select “Enrol”.A modal window for a program with the Enrol button highlighted.
  4. If you have successfully enrolled in the program you will receive a success message towards the top right of your screen. The program will be listed under your currently enrolled programs.A program is listed under Currently Enrolled programs and a success message has appeared.