Switch course sections (Lectures, Tutorials & Practicals)

  1. On the Courses page, select the Edit button for the course section that you want to change. On the Courses page, a course with one practical is listed under the Currently Enrolled section.
  2. A modal window will appear that will list the sections that you can change. Select the course section(s) you would like to change to, and then select the Modify button. If you cannot select a certain section, it may be full or you may not have priority to enrol in the section; ACORN should tell you why.

    A modal showing a choice of two Practical sections that the student can switch to.

    In this example, the student is switching from the first Practical section (PRA 0101) to the second one (PRA 0102).

  3. If you have successfully switched to your desired course section you will receive a success message towards the top of the page. You will also see your updated course in the My Courses section.A success message appears after modifying the course.