Why can’t I access a Confirmation of Enrolment Letter through ACORN?

ACORN’s generated Confirmation of Enrolment Letter isn’t available to students in every division at U of T. You may need to contact your registrar to get one. To check if your division participates and to verify that you can generate a letter, log in to ACORN and go to the Transcript & Enrolment Confirmation screen in the main navigation. Next, go to the Confirmation of Enrolment card. If you are able to generate your own letter, there will be a button available for you to select. If you don’t have access to this area, there will be no button and a blue message may be present that tells you why you don’t have access. If your division allows their students to generate a letter through ACORN and you still don’t have access, check your ACORN Dashboard or Enrol & Manage page to verify that you are registered or invited to register in the current or upcoming academic session.

If you need help, please contact your divisional or college registrar.