Generate a Confirmation of Enrolment letter on ACORN

Watch a video walkthrough of how to generate a Confirmation of Enrolment letter.

A Confirmation of Enrolment letter is an official document that can be used to verify your status as a student at U of T. If your faculty allows students to generate letters via ACORN and you are currently registered or invited to register in a current or upcoming session, you can download a Confirmation of Enrolment letter in PDF format via ACORN by visiting the Transcripts & Enrolment Confirmation page. If your faculty does not provide these letters via ACORN, please contact your registrar to get one.

This letter is useful for the following purposes, among others:

  • Study permits and Visa applications
  • Banking, including some RESPs
  • Insurance and benefit plans

Before you download your letter, you may customize the following information that it will contain:

  • Include registration information for either the current or upcoming session that you are Registered or Invited for
  • Include or exclude your full-time or part-time status
  • Include and indicate your intended graduation date, or exclude it*

* The Confirmation of Enrolment letter will only allow you to select an intended graduation date if you are a full-time student, and if ACORN has enough information to reasonably predict your graduation date. If you require an intended graduation date on your letter and do not see the option, or if this letter otherwise does not suit your needs, please request a custom letter from your registrar).

  1. From the ACORN Dashboard, go to the “Transcript & Enrolment Confirmation” page via ACORN’s left navigation.
  2. Click the “Customize and Download Enrolment Letter” button.
  3. You will be brought to the Confirmation of Enrolment Letter page. Here you will be able to customize the information that appears on your letter. The information you can customize will depend on whether you are a full-time or part-time student, and whether you are Invited or Registered in only one session. If you are Invited or Registered for both the current and upcoming sessions, you will have the option to select the session for which you want the letter to confirm your enrolment.
    If you are Invited or Registered for only one session, you will not have the option to choose.
  4. Next, select whether you want your full-time or part-time status to appear in the letter. Your current status for the indicated session will be used.
  5. If you are a full-time student or if ACORN has enough information to reasonably predict your graduation date, you will have the option to include or exclude this date. If you select “Yes”, choose the month and year that you intend to graduate.
  6. Once you are satisfied with your selections, click “Download Enrolment Letter” to download a PDF of your customized letter. You must answer every question to download your letter. If you want to change your answers to the questions on the Confirmation of Enrolment form, simply adjust your answers and download your letter again.