Drop a course

If you want to drop a course, check your division’s important academic dates to determine when you can drop a course without facing an academic or financial penalty.

  1. From your Courses screen, click the gear icon towards the right of the course that you want to drop.
  2. Select “Drop Course” from the drop-down menu that appears.A popup with two options: Assess as Credit/No Credit, and Drop Course. Drop Course is highlighted.
  3. A modal window will pop up to confirm that you want to drop this course. Once it, appears, double-check the course to make sure it is correct, and select “Drop Course”.A confirmation modal window that offers a choice to Drop the course or Cancel. Drop Course is highlighted.
  4. If you have successfully dropped the course you will receive a success notice towards the top right corner of your screen and the course will no longer be listed under your currently enrolled courses.A success message stating that the course was dropped.