Assess a course as Credit/No Credit

You can choose to assess courses as Credit/No Credit when you want to take a course but don’t want it to contribute to your GPA. A course that is assessed as Credit/No Credit will count towards the number of credits you need for your degree as long as you pass the course according to your division’s standards. If you need a final grade in a course for a program requirement or to apply for a certification in the future, you generally should not consider Credit/No Credit. If you’re unsure, contact an academic advisor. Before assessing any courses as Credit/No Credit, check your divisional registrar’s guidelines and deadlines because they may vary.

  1. On the Courses screen, click the gear icon on the top right corner of the course you want to assess as Credit/No Credit.
  2. Select ‘Add Credit/No Credit’ from the drop-down menu that appears.A popup with two options: Assess as Credit/No Credit, and Drop Course. Assess as Credit/No Credit is highlighted.
  3. A modal window will appear to provide more information about assessing the course as Credit/No Credit. Read through this and ensure that assessing the course as Credit/No Credit is appropriate for your situation, and then select “Assess as Credit/No Credit”.
    A modal window with additional information about Credit/No Credit, with the option to Assess the course as Credit/No Credit highlighted.
  4. If you have successfully assessed the course as Credit/No Credit you will receive a success message on the top right corner of your screen. A “Credit/No Credit” indicator will also appear below the course title under your Currently Enrolled courses.