Add a course to the enrolment cart

Your enrolment cart allows you to plan the courses that you want to enrol in ahead of time. You can experiment with different courses, lecture (LEC), tutorial (TUT) and practical (PRA) sections so that you can quickly enrol in your top choices on enrolment day.

Courses in your enrolment cart will not automatically be enrolled for you once your enrolment period begins.

Before adding courses to your cart, check when you will be eligible to enrol by viewing your divisional registrar’s important academic dates, and check your enrolment start time on ACORN. You can plan the courses you want to take using the Timetable builder, and learn if you will be eligible to enrol in a course by checking the “Enrolment Controls” section of a course in the search results area. To plan for your entire degree, check out Degree Explorer.

Instructional videos: UTM | UTSC | UTSG

  1. From the ACORN dashboard, click ‘Enrol & Manage’ on the main navigation menu.In the main navigation, Enrol & Manage is highlighted.
  2. On the Enrol & Manage page, you will see one or more tabs labelled with the academic session. Ensure that you have selected the tab for the session for which you want to add courses to your cart. Then, select the Courses button, or the Courses page from the main navigation.The Enrol & Manage page shows one sessional tab, and the Courses button and main navigation item are highlighted.
  3. Use the search field to search for courses by course code or title. Results will start appearing after three characters. From the list of courses that appears, select a course.
  4. A modal window will appear. Select a primary activity, which is typically a lecture (LEC), and any secondary activities, which are typically tutorials (TUT) or practicals (PRA). Not every course will have a lecture, and not every course will have tutorials and practicals. Be sure to check the Time column in case there is a conflict with any of your other currently-enrolled courses, and ensure that the activity that you are selecting do not say “Enrolment Blocked” or “Section Full” under the Space Availability column. If a section says “Enrolment Blocked”, the activity or course may be restricted to students from a certain program, year of study, or campus. Please check the Timetable Builder to learn about any restrictions or Enrolment Controls that a course may have.Next, select the “Add to Enrolment Cart” button towards the bottom of the modal window. If you are unable to select a particular activity or enrol in the course, ACORN will tell you why. If you think you should be able to enrol in a course and you cannot, please contact your college, divisional or faculty registrar.

    A course modal showing a selected lecture section. The first three tutorials are full.

  5. The course should now appear under your Enrolment Cart towards the bottom of your Courses screen. From here, you can edit the course activities, remove the course from your cart, and enrol starting on your enrolment day. Learn more about how to enrol in a course from your Enrolment Cart.
    A course is now in the Enrolment Cart and a success message has appeared.