Add a course to the enrolment cart

Your enrolment cart is used to plan ahead of time the courses and activity sections you intend to enrol in later. Feel free to add to your cart different back-up course section combinations, or add entirely different courses in case they become necessary.

Note: Courses in your enrolment cart will not automatically be enrolled in once your enrolment period begins.

Instructional videos: UTM | UTSC | UTSG

  1. From the ACORN dashboard, click ‘Enrol & Manage’ on the main navigation menu on the left side of the screen.
  2. At the top of the ‘Enrol & Manage’ screen choose the session tab you’d like to enrol courses in (I.e. 2015-2016 Fall/Winter vs. 2015 Summer)cart-2-help-update
  3. Click the ‘Courses’ button under the session tab chosen in the previous step.cart 3_update
  4. Use the search field to search for courses by course code or title. Results will start appearing after three characters.
  5. Click on the course you would like to enrol in.
  6. On the course enrolment pop-up modal, select the lecture section and any secondary sections (I.e. Tutorial) you are interested in.
  7. Click the ‘Add to enrolment cart’ button.
  8. The course activities you’ve selected are now saved in your enrolment cart at the bottom of the Courses screen. You may enrol in these activities directly from the cart when your enrolment period is active.cart-82-help

See also: Enrol in a course from the enrolment cart.