Who to contact for assistance with difficulty with Acrobat Reader or printing the T4A form?

If you are having a problem on a personal computer, you can leave us your comments or questions using the ACORN feedback button located in the top-right corner of ACORN.

If your computer is attached to a local area network (LAN), you should contact your LAN administrator or technical support person for support.

Who receives a T4A?

  • The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) requires the University to provide a T4A slip to all University of Toronto students to report other income received in the calendar year (January to December) in the form of: scholarship, bursary, or fellowship payments paid to the student;
  • The value of any tuition waiver for dependant children and/or a spouse (effective in calendar year 2007);
  • University subsidy of interest on University-arranged loan programs such as the Scotiabank Loan.

Where are other useful sources of student tax information?

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) website provides information for students on a wide range of taxation topics. In addition, CRA’s annual Students and Income Tax brochure is a useful source of information for students.

What does the other income amount on the T4A mean?

  • Box 28 Other Income on the T4A slip will report the sum of: scholarship, bursary, fellowship, tuition waiver for dependant children and/or a spouse payments recorded in the student’s ROSI student account in the calendar year. Questions regarding these amounts should be directed to Student Accounts at info.studentaccount@utoronto.ca.
  • Scholarship, bursary, fellowship or loan interest subsidy income that the student’s financial aid office administers outside of SWS/ROSI. Questions regarding these amounts should be directed to the student’s financial aid office.

If the amount on the T4A slip is incorrect, students can contact Student Accounts at 416-978-2142 or at info.studentaccount@utoronto.ca.

What applications are required to download the T4A form on ACORN?

The T4A form will be available as a Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) file. Adobe Reader (5.05 or higher) is required to read the PDF files.

View Tax Forms

Instructional video: All campuses

From the ACORN dashboard, select “Tax Forms” on the main navigation menu under Finances.

Screenshot highlighting the Tax Forms link in ACORN's main navigation.

How long are T4A slips available on ACORN?

T4A slips for the current calendar year (January to December 2009) will be available on the Student Web Service/ROSI on February 21, 2010, and T4A slips for future calendar years will be posted on SWS/ROSI on February 21st every year thereafter.

Students can view and print forms as needed for information purposes only. Paper copies are mailed to students for the purposes of filing income taxes. Students who require PIN reactivation can view instructions for PIN reactivation.

By February 2016, T4As for the most recent seven years will be available on SWS/ROSI.

How can a student obtain a duplicate copy?

Duplicate paper copies of certificates that are not available on the Student Web Service/ROSI can be requested by contacting Student Accounts at info.studentaccount@utoronto.ca.