Request to graduate and order guest tickets

  1. Firstly, be sure to familiarize yourself with the dates, deadlines and important information within the Graduation Checklist. From the ACORN dashboard, click “Graduation & Convocation” on the main navigation.Screenshot highlighting the 'Convocation & Graduation' link in ACORN’s main navigation.
  2. This page contains all information you will need concerning your graduation. During the request to graduate period determined by your faculty, you will see a button that says “Confirm intent to graduate” in the Request to Graduate card. Click this to indicate whether you will or will not graduate during the session stated (Fall 2023 in this example). Please check the Name on Diploma card to make sure the name displayed is spelled correctly, as it will appear on your diploma as it is. If you require any changes to your name, follow the instructions to complete the Name on Diploma Form. If your faculty requires you to confirm your intent to graduate on ACORN and it is within the request to graduate period but you still aren’t able to, please contact your registrar.Screenshot highlighting the 'Confirm Intent to Graduate' button in the Graduation & Convocation page.
  3. Select “Yes” if you plan to graduate, and “No” if you do not. If your faculty requires a response from you via ACORN and you do not select either option, it will be assumed that you do not intend to graduate.Screenshot highlighting the 'Submit' button in a pop-up window confirming the student's intent to graduate, in the Graduation & Convocation page.
  4. During the RSVP and guest ticket ordering period (see step 5 of the Graduation Checklist for dates), you will be able to RSVP for your graduation and order guest tickets. Click the “RSVP & Order Guest Tickets” button in the RSVP & Ticket Information card to be taken to the form where you can fill out this information. Screenshot highlighting the 'RSVP & Order Guest Tickets' button in the RSVP & Ticket Information card within the Convocation & Graduation page.
  5. RSVP for your graduation ceremony by selecting “Yes” or “No”. If you select “Yes”, fill out the rest of the RSVP & guest ticket form and select up to two guaranteed guest tickets and the number of extra guest tickets you would like to request. These extra tickets are not guaranteed and are distributed via a lottery system. Click the “Submit” button to complete your RSVP and guest ticket order. Screenshot highlighting the 'Submit' button in the RSVP & Guest Ticket form.
  6. You will be presented with a confirmation notice containing the information submitted in your RSVP & guest ticket form. If there are any errors, edit the form using the pencil icon. Otherwise, you must wait until the date indicated on the confirmation screen before you can download your guest tickets and find out how many extra guest tickets you will receive.Screenshot highlighting the 'Edit' button in the RSVP & Guest Ticket form.
  7. On or after the aforementioned date, return to the Graduation & Convocation screen and click the “RSVP & Download Tickets” button in the RSVP & Ticketing Information card to download your guest E-Tickets (electronic tickets). Screenshot highlighting the 'RSVP & Download Tickets' button in the RSVP & Ticket Information card within the Convocation & Graduation page.
  8. Download your guest E-Tickets by selecting the check boxes and clicking the “Download Selected Tickets” button. Tickets will be downloaded to your computer as PDF files. If you select and download multiple tickets at once, they will be combined into one PDF file. If you wish to have the tickets remain as separate files to send to your guests, you will need to select and download each ticket individually.Screenshot highlighting the checkbox & 'Download Selected Tickets' button in the Guest E-Tickets form.