Will the invoice or other financial screens be improved?

Eventually yes, but not in the initial release. The finances module on ACORN is slated for redesign in the second phase of work which is already underway. We tackled as much as we could with the first phase of ACORN and are looking forward to rolling out additional enhancements ongoing.

Is there an official U of T tool that can help me map out my timetable?

Yes! An official Timetable Builder is currently available for UTSC students. In the future, we will be branching out to include additional faculties, so stay tuned for more information.

Is ACORN optimized for mobile? Will there be an app?

In its first release, ACORN was optimized only for a tablet and desktop setup. We have since released an optimized responsive version of ACORN for smartphones that can be accessed without downloading an app.

Can I contribute to future ACORN project work?

We have been fortunate to have over 1000 students involved in ACORN to date through interviews, surveys, usabilty tests of early stage prototypes and beta tests of our test site. If you would like to participate in future activities, please complete and submit our sign-up form. We’ll email you for opportunities to get involved as they arrive, typically once per month, give or take.