What is ACORN’s Life section?

You can get to ACORN’s Life section via the left navigation menu. The pages in this area focus on the various resources that you can take advantage of on campus to enhance your student life, such as:

Health and Wellness

Find information and resources for various services that your campus offers regarding your health and safety.


Learn about extra-curricular activities that you can participate in through the Co-Curricular Record (CCR), student organizations, clubs, mentorship programs and more.

Jobs & Career Planning

This screen provides information on part-time jobs, volunteer opportunities, programs, workshops and services to help you prepare for your career and earn money while you study.

Accessibility & Equity

Learn about services available for students who require assistance or information regarding accessibility and equity at the university.

International Opportunities

Learn about the Centre for International Experience, explore international study and research opportunities and keep up-to-date with travel advisories. 


Here you can find information on housing advertisements, finding roommates, and applying for on-campus residence. 

Family Care

If you require care for a child, adult or senior family member, this page will direct you to the appropriate services at the university. 

Is there an official U of T tool that can help me plan my timetable?

Yes! An official Timetable Builder is currently available for the following faculties:

  • Faculty of Arts & Science
  • Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering
  • University of Toronto Mississauga
  • University of Toronto Scarborough
  • Faculty of Music
  • John H. Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape, and Design

View the Timetable Builder FAQ to learn more.

Where do the expenses in the Financial Planning Calculator come from?

The Financial Planning Calculator is meant to provide a quick way to approximate what the upcoming academic year will cost, so many of the expenses used are educated estimates or averaged values. Costs for off-campus housing, groceries, transportation, entertainment and personal care are estimated based on costs of living while studying at University. Tuition, on-campus housing and meal plan costs are calculated by drawing from more precise data provided by the University.

What is the Financial Planning Calculator?

The Financial Planning Calculator is an online tool that will help you estimate what it will cost to attend the University of Toronto for one academic year. It will be coming to ACORN in the future, but at the moment it is a standalone publicly-available tool.

Anybody who wants to learn more about costs associated with attending U of T can use it. This includes current U of T undergraduate, graduate and second-entry students, prospective students (high school and potential transfer students), parents, staff or guidance counsellors.

This is purely an exploratory planning tool for you to use; any information you enter will not be associated with you or your financial status at the University.

Read about how to use the Financial Planning Calculator, or watch this three-minute video.

Why can’t I access a Confirmation of Enrolment Letter through ACORN?

ACORN’s generated Confirmation of Enrolment Letter isn’t available to students in every division at U of T. You may need to contact your registrar to get one. To check if your division participates and to verify that you can generate a letter, log in to ACORN and go to the Transcript & Enrolment Confirmation screen in the main navigation. Next, go to the Confirmation of Enrolment card. If you are able to generate your own letter, there will be a button available for you to select. If you don’t have access to this area, there will be no button and a blue message may be present that tells you why you don’t have access. If your division allows their students to generate a letter through ACORN and you still don’t have access, check your ACORN Dashboard or Enrol & Manage page to verify that you are registered or invited to register in the current or upcoming academic session.

If you need help, please contact your divisional or college registrar.

What if the Confirmation of Enrolment letter doesn’t contain all the information I need?

Since the letter is automatically generated using your registration information within ACORN, there are limitations with the information we are able to include. If you need a letter that is more customized than what ACORN offers, please request one from your registrar.

What is a Confirmation of Enrolment letter?

A Confirmation of Enrolment letter is an official document that can be used to verify your status as a student at U of T. If you are a Faculty of Arts & Science student, you can download a Confirmation of Enrolment letter in PDF format via ACORN by visiting the Transcripts & Enrolment Confirmation page. If your faculty does not provide these letters via ACORN, please contact your registrar to get a Confirmation of Enrolment letter.

Learn how to generate a Confirmation of Enrolment letter.

Why Does My Award Payment Have a Cancelled Status?

If one or more payments of an award that will be paid to you or has already been paid to you is cancelled, it will appear with a Payment Status of “Cancelled” in the Upcoming or Received section. The award’s issuing department will contact you with details about why it was cancelled and how you should proceed.

How will I know if I’ve received an award?

If you have received an award in full, it will appear in the Received awards area of the My Awards screen.

If you have received at least one payment for an award and currently meet the criteria to receive future payments for that award, the payment schedule will be displayed in the Upcoming awards section. Please note that future award payments may be affected if your registration status changes and you no longer meet the award’s eligibility criteria.