How do I get help with academic or financial issues?

If you have questions regarding academics, finances, and anything else at the University, the “Contacts & Resources” tab on ACORN’s “Need Help?” page directs you to the appropriate office. This page also provides links to helpful resources that may answer your questions. 

  1. First, click or tap the “Need Help?” button found on the upper right corner or bottom of any page in ACORN.
    "Need Help" button in ACORN header highlighted "Need Help" button in ACORN Footer highlighted
  2. Next, make sure you are on the “Contacts & Resources” tab.
    "Contacts & Resources" tab highlighted on the ACORN "Need Help" page
  3. Select the topic that relates to your question or issue. Some topic categories have more specific options underneath that you can choose from. If you’re not sure what topic your question or issue falls under, select “I’m not sure”.
    List of different issue topics highlighted on the ACORN "Need Help?" page
  4. Depending on the topic you choose, you will be directed to different offices to contact and provided with helpful links and resources about your issue.

    Contacts for each topic:

    1. Academics, Personal information, Financial account, Financial advice, or I’m not sure: Your registrar is your first stop when it comes to academic and financial matters in the University, and you can email your Registrar’s Office directly in ACORN, or by finding their website from this list of registrars. Please note, if you have more than one registrar, you will need to select which registrar to contact. You can describe your issue and upload relevant screenshots or attachments. Once you’re done, you can choose whether you’d like a copy of the email and click submit to send the email.
      "Helpful Links & Resources" and instructions to contact the Registrar's Office highlighted on the ACORN "Need Help?" page
    2. Payments, Tax receipts and information, Student awards, Financial aid, or Transcripts: You will be directed to Enrolment Services’ Service Now form where you can follow instructions to submit a ticket regarding your issue.
      "Helpful Links & Resources" and the "Submit a Ticket" button highlighted on the ACORN "Need Help" page
    3. Housing and residences: You will be directed to a list of residence offices and their emails and phone numbers.
      "Helpful Links & Resources" and the "Contact Your Residences Office" button highlighted on the ACORN "Need Help?" page

What is ACORN?

ACORN stands for Accessible Campus Online Resource Network. For students, ACORN will replace the existing ROSI Student Web Service (SWS). For those unfamiliar with the existing system, it’s where students enrol in courses, check fees and finances and do other records and registration tasks such as making updates to address and contact information.The purpose of ACORN is to provide a more convenient, personalized and guided experience for students using U of T’s online services.

ACORN’s Peak Load Mode

A screenshot of the ACORN dashboard. In the header area, a yellow notice explains that several services are unavailable, and the browser should not be refreshed unnecessarily.
ACORN’s Peak Load Mode is a simplified version of ACORN that is enabled on peak enrolment days to reduce load on the system and improve performance. An example of a peak enrolment day is when priority course enrolment controls are removed for Arts and Science courses in August. The ACORN team will announce these dates ahead of time.

Note: When peak load mode is active, please do not refresh your browser while your course enrolment actions (e.g. enrol, switch section, drop) are in progress, or take the same enrolment actions in multiple browser tabs. ACORN will currently be under peak load, so enrolment actions will take longer than usual to complete, but are in progress even if the system is slow to respond. Refreshing your browser or repeatedly requesting the same action will only slow the system down further and increase the likelihood of your request being rejected entirely.

Why are some of ACORN’s services temporarily disabled?

Due to the high volume of traffic during key enrolment days, the ACORN team has temporarily disabled some ACORN features not essential to course and program enrolment to reduce the load on the system and its supporting infrastructure.

What features and information are disabled or unavailable during peak load periods?

  • Notifications
  • Today’s Timetable on your Dashboard
  • Your invoice
  • Financial awards and aid information
  • Incidental Fee selection
  • Multiple degree invitations, if applicable

Note: All functionality required for course and program enrolment is available.

When will full functionality be restored?

ACORN’s “Peak Load Mode” will only be enabled on isolated high-traffic dates. Regular functionality will be restored within 24 hours.

When was ACORN launched?

ACORN was released to students June 22, 2015.

Are there any opportunities to contribute to the programming or design side of ACORN?

Yes! The ACORN User Experience Design Team works with many students at U of T from various academic backgrounds to help make ACORN and other online tools better. To become a part of the ACORN Student Advisory Team, learn more and sign up on this website if you are interested.

We often hold usability activities in our User Experience Design lab at 215 Huron street. During these 30-45 minute sessions, we invite U of T students to come in and test new designs and features that are in the works. It’s an opportunity for you to see what the ACORN team is currently working on, learn about our UX design process, and it also gives us a chance to meet you and find out how we can improve ACORN to make your student life easier. If you participate in 5 sessions, you’ll also get a credit on your Co-Curricular Record (CCR)!

We do hire work-study students from time to time, and when positions are available you can find them on the Career & Co-Curricular Learning Network (CLNx).

Which browsers are supported by ACORN?

Chrome: 46+
Safari: 9+
Firefox: 45+
Edge: 14+
Internet Explorer: 11+

Is ACORN optimized for mobile? Will there be an app?

In its first release, ACORN was optimized only for a tablet and desktop setup. We have since released an optimized responsive version of ACORN for smartphones that can be accessed without downloading an app.

How was the name ACORN chosen?

The Office of Vice-Provost, Students ran a contest in early 2012 called “Name the New ROSI”. The winning entry submitted by a student in the Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) program was announced on April 18th, 2012. The name was selected because of its simplicity and the acronym ties to U of T’s logo oak imagery. ACORN stands for “Accessible Campus Online Resource Network”. The adjudication panel for the Name the New ROSI Contest met in early April and reviewed the nearly 1000 entries for the contest. Submissions were received from undergraduate and graduate students representing a range of programs from across the University’s three campuses.

How do I log in to ACORN?

Similar to other U of T systems like Quercus or Degree Explorer, you will use your UTORid and password to log in to ACORN.

Does ACORN have scheduled downtime like ROSI did?

Yes, but significantly less than in ROSI previously. Scheduled downtime will be weekly on Monday mornings from 3:00 am – 6:00 am EST.