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What happens to ROSI now that ACORN has launched?

We are planning to have both ACORN and ROSI available to use in parallel until ROSI is retired. This means that for those students graduating you won’t need to learn a new system and for other students this gives you a chance to get used to ACORN before we make the full transition.

What is ACORN?

ACORN stands for Accessible Campus Online Resource Network. For students, ACORN will replace the existing ROSI Student Web Service (SWS). For those unfamiliar with the existing system, it’s where students enrol in courses, check fees and finances and do other records and registration tasks such as making updates to address and contact information.The purpose of ACORN is to provide a more convenient, personalized and guided experience for students using U of T’s online services.

When was ACORN launched?

ACORN was released to students June 22, 2015.