Learn About & Select Your Incidental Fees

View the two-minute instructional video for a walkthrough of this area within ACORN. No action is required if you do not wish to opt out of your optional incidental fees.

  1. From the ACORN Dashboard, click ‘Financial Account’ on the left hand menu under ‘Finances’. You can also click ‘review your Incidental Fees’ in the blue informational notice towards the top of your Dashboard.
    ACORN Dashboard
  2. On the Financial Account screen, locate the ‘Incidental Fees’ card and click ‘Review Fees’. This will say ‘View Statement’ if your fee selections have already been submitted. You can also access the Incidental Fees page via the left navigation.
    Financial Account screen
  3. Please read the introductory information to learn more about this area and click ‘Begin Selection’.
    Incidental Fees screen before selections have begun
  4. Here you can learn about the services that these fees support and make your fee selections. To learn about a fee, hover over it (or tap it on a mobile device). You are supporting all services by default. To opt out of a fee, you will need to deselect it.A tooltip showing details about a feeA running total of your fees due will update at the bottom of your screen. When you are done, click ‘Continue to Summary’ to move on.
    The bottom portion of the fee selection form which contains the total fees due
    The Orientation Fee: You may see a card titled “Orientation Fee” if you are part of a college that offers an orientation. You will need to make this decision before the normal deadline for submitting the rest of your incidental fee selections. You may deselect this fee to opt out of it, but be sure that you will not be attending your orientation if this is the case.
    A close-up of an orientation fee area that has been opted out ofIf you want to opt-out of your orientation now and submit the rest of your fee selections later, click ‘Opt Out of Orientation Fee’. You will have an opportunity to confirm or cancel your choice in the popup that appears. You also have the option to submit the rest of your fee selections at this point.
    A confirmation regarding opting out of orientation
  5. After clicking ‘Continue to Summary’, you can review your fee selections once more on the summary screen. You may opt back in to individual fees here if you change your mind.
    A summary of fee selections
    Next, read and accept the Acknowledgement and click ‘Confirm & Submit Fee Selections’.
    A close-up on the acknowledgement area
  6. After you have confirmed your fees, you will see the ‘Statement of Incidental Fees’ with the selections you made. You can save this statement as a PDF or print it out by clicking ‘Print Statement’.
    Statement of incidental fees
  7. To find out more general information about incidental fees, please visit this website.