How do I contact the ACORN Team?

If you have a question, feature request or feedback for the ACORN team, you can reach us through the ACORN Feedback tab on ACORN’s Need Help? page. If you can’t reach us through ACORN due to system maintenance, contact us on Twitter¬†or Facebook.

If you have questions regarding fees, financial advising, course enrolment, program enrolment or academic advising, please contact your Registrar. You can reach your Registrar through the Email Help tab on the Need Help? page, or by finding their website from this list of registrars.

  1. To contact the ACORN Team, first click or tap the “Need Help?” button on the upper right corner of any page in ACORN.
  2. Next, go to the ACORN Feedback tab. You should contact us if you have a question or comment for our team, or if you have have any ideas for improvements within ACORN. Please attach screenshots if you are submitting a bug report or issue.
  3. If you require academic advice or have questions about course and program enrolment or your registration status, your Registrar’s Office should be able to help you. You can reach them by going to the Email Help tab and selecting your divisional or college registrar from the list of offices. Your Registrar is your first stop when it comes to academic and financial matters at the University.

    Other offices you may contact:

    • Student Accounts: This office can answer questions about tuition & fees, payments and your invoice.
    • Transcripts Centre: Contact this office about Transcript and Transcript order inquiries.
    • Office of Convocation: Send this office questions about graduation and convocation. If you will be graduating soon, don’t forget to refer to the graduation checklist.