Declare an Absence

Use the Absence Declaration area in ACORN to formally declare an absence from academic participation in the University. You should declare an absence if you have missed academic work, and  the procedures specific to your faculty or campus state that you need to declare your absence on ACORN. Please be sure to follow the procedures that your faculty or campus has in place before declaring an absence on ACORN.

Here are a few examples of divisional policy information. This is not exhaustive, so please double-check your faculty or campus website first:

You can find this area by going to Profile & Settings on ACORN’s left navigation, then visiting the Absence Declaration page.

  1. On the Absence Declaration page, if you have previously declared absences, you will see them here. Click declare additional absences.
  2. Next, you will be able to add up to 14 consecutive dates for when you have been absent. You should record each day of your absence as soon as it begins, up until the day before you return to classes or other academic activities. The University uses this information to consider students for academic accommodation and to monitor overall absences. If you need to declare an absence that was before yesterday, please contact your registrar.
  3. If you were asked to self-isolate for monitoring purposes due to COVID-19, please visit the form presented on the Absence Declaration page if you wish to provide consent for the University to access your self- isolation information.
  4. Please carefully read the list of declarations before you submit your absences. Once you have read the declarations and fully understand them, click Submit Declarations.
  5. As long as the dates entered begin with today or yesterday, you will be taken back to the Absence Declaration page that indicates the submission was successful. Here, you may print or download a copy of this declaration for your records. You can revisit the Absence Declaration page at any time to review all the dates you have previously submitted for the session.