What changes and improvements can I expect in ACORN?

  1. A more modern look and feel
  2. An enhanced dashboard
  3. Fully redesigned and enhanced course and program enrolment screens
    1. New – Enrolment cart: Prior to your enrolment open window, proactively save course activities to your cart and easily enrol in them later
    2. Enhanced – Course and program search: Search by code or keyword with autocomplete results displaying after four characters
    3. Proactive warnings displayed for:
      1. Pre and co-requisites (if your division uses Degree Explorer)
      2. Courses you blocked from enrolling in
      3. Course load limits for terms/session (Undergraduate: UTM, UTSC, St. George Arts and Sciences, Architecture)
      4. Credit/no-credit totals (if your division uses credit/no-credit)
  4. New ‘Life’ section: Highlighting important student services and programs on each campus. We’ll highlight services such as:
    1. Housing, getting involved (Co-Curricular Record, clubs etc), international opportunities, jobs and career planning, health and wellness and accessibility.
  5. Integrating information and providing easy connections to other complimentary online services and systems such as Degree Explorer, Blackboard Portal, Co-Curricular Record and the Career Learning Network.
  6. UTORid will replace student number and PIN for logging in
  7. Personalized notifications for upcoming important deadlines, prompts for to take action (pay fees), and confirmations of actions occurring outside of the ACORN system (payment processed, grades posted).