How can I calculate my GPA?

Watch a video walkthrough of the GPA calculator.

The GPA calculator is a U of T-wide tool that allows you to estimate your GPA (Grade Point Average) values for the current or upcoming academic session. Calculations made using this tool should be used for planning purposes only. Your official GPA can be found on the Academic History page in ACORN. The GPA calculator will allow you to:

  • Calculate your CGPA, SGPA and AGPA
  • Use your current GPA from ACORN to speed up your calculations
  • See your GPA calculations update in real-time
  • Explore useful academic resources

You may want to calculate your GPA for the following reasons and more:

  • Find out what your GPA will be at the end of the semester or year
  • Determine whether you will make it into your program of study (POSt)
  • Find out if you will graduate with distinction
  • Learn which grades you will need to achieve to meet personal goals

You can enter values in the sections highlighted in yellow, and the sections marked in red will update automatically as you type.

Before starting, you should have your grades on hand for reference. You can find your grades on the Academic History page in ACORN.

  1. To begin, go to the GPA Calculator.
  2. If you have a current GPA that you would like to include to speed up your calculations, enter your current GPA from ACORN and the number of credits the GPA is based on in the Current GPA section. Include failed courses, and exclude transfer credits, extra (EXT), Credit/No Credit (CR/NCR) and Late Withdrawal (LWD) courses.

    1. On the Academic History page in ACORN, you can find your current GPA values on above the grades in your last completed session.
    2. For more information, click on the question mark button to open the tooltip.
  3. If you already entered your current GPA, enter prospective grades and course weights for courses taken in your current semester or an upcoming semester. Adding a course name is optional. Alternatively, you can skip entering your current GPA from ACORN and enter all of your existing and expected grades in Session 1. As you add grades, the SGPA and CGPA value will update.

    1. You can find your existing grades and GPA information in the Academic Transcript for your current/upcoming semester. Remember to include failed courses, and exclude transfer credits, extra (EXT), Credit/No Credit (CR/NCR) and Late Withdrawal (LWD) courses
    2. For more information on how to calculate the three different types of GPAs, click on the second question mark button.
    3. To add additional courses, click the Add Course button. You can add up to 20 courses in a single session.
    4. To remove a course from your calculations, click the X icon at the end of a course row.
    5. To add a second session, click the Add Session button. Adding a second session is useful if you want to calculate your AGPA, see your SGPA for individual sessions, or calculate your CGPA using both containers for organization purposes.
    6. To remove the second session, press the X icon located on the top right of the container. Removing a second session will clear the grades entered for that session.
  4. To explore the resources available to you in terms of academic advising and academic services, refer to the Academic Resources section. If you have suggestions on how we can improve the GPA calculator, please use the Send Feedback button and let us know your thoughts.